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Environmental Sustainability


Nylon Knitting’s vision is to constantly work towards greener investments and solutions.
Nowadays, the sustainable development is crucial. It is a continuous process that requires a steady commitment in terms of resources, innovation, and collaboration within the production chain.
Nylon Knitting’s strategy consists in investing in innovative technologies that allow the company to benefit from them in terms of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Structural Investments

Nylon Knitting’s Sustainability Strategy has always been focusing on reducing emissions and optimizing the use of resources. Indeed, in the past years the following innovations have been accomplished:

  • Transition from HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) energy carrier to LPG energy carrier
  • Transition from steam to hot water heating systems
  • New electro-static precipitator and scrubber for over 50,000 m3/hour of treated air
  • New compressor station with heat exchangers and fully automated cooling systems
  • Completion of electrical power factor correction systems in all Departments
  • Installation of a 1 MWh photovoltaic system
  • Installation of LED lights in the Knitting and Finishing Departments instead of T4/T5 light lamps (this also contributes to less mercury pollution once disposed)


Next Goals

  • Nylon Knitting is also planning to obtain, by 2025, the ISO 14064:2018 Carbon Footprint Verification. The aim is to constantly monitor and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) in order to tackle climate change.
  • Nylon Knitting is planning the installation of a water treatment plant for the abatement of polluting loads of approximately 200 m3/day.