Nylon Knitting Ltd. Quality Management System

We are pleased to inform you that Nylon Knitting Quality Management System has been recognized by BUREAU VERITAS, in accordance to International Standard ISO 9001:2015. Nylon Knitting is committed to a continuous improvement of its production processes, quality standards, human resources know-how, as well as customer relationship management. Here enclosed please find copy of the obtained certificates and we remain with very best regards.

Sistema di gestione della qualità Nylon Knitting Ltd.

Con piacere e soddisfazione vi comunichiamo che il sistema di Gestione per la Qualità Nylon Knitting è stato riconosciuto, da parte dell’ente BUREAU VERITAS, conforme allo standard internazionale ISO 9001:2015. Questo traguardo rappresenta per Nylon Knitting la conferma dell’impegno verso il costante miglioramento dei sistemi di produzione e di controllo, della professionalità di tutte le nostre risorse nonché dei rapporti con la nostra clientela.
Vi alleghiamo copia dei certificati e cogliamo l’occasione per porgere i nostri più cordiali saluti.

Système de Gestion de la Qualité Nylon Knitting Ltd.

C’est avec grand plaisir et satisfaction que nous Vous informons que notre Système de Gestion de la Qualité Nylon Knitting a été reconnue, par la Société BUREAU VERITAS, conforme au standard international ISO 9001:2015. Ce but représente pour Nylon Knitting une confirmation de notre acharnement constant dans l’amélioration de nos méthodes de production et contrôle, du professionnalisme de nos ressources et des rapports avec nos Clients.
Ci-inclus, Vous trouverez la copie des certificats obtenues et dans l’attente, nous Vous souhaitons nos meilleures salutations.

Qualitätsleitungssystem Nylon Knitting Ltd.

Wir freuen uns sehr Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass das Qualitätsleitungssystem der Firma Nylon Knitting von dem BUREAU VERITAS Institut , laut dem internationalen Standard, anerkannt wurde ISO 9001:2015. Dieses Ziel ist für Nylon Knitting die Bestätigung der Bereitschaft zu einer kontinuierlichen Verbesserung der Produktions- und Kontrollmethoden, der Kompetenz aller Angestellten sowie der Beziehungen mit der Kundschaft.
Als Anlage übersenden wir Ihnen Kopien von den erteilten Bescheinigungen und verbleiben mit unseren freundlichsten Grüßen.

General Manager
Daniele Cortinovis


ISO 9001

Nylon Knitting Limited has been ISO 9001 certified since 2019. With this certification the Company demonstrates that it complies with the technical standards on quality management systems and demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement and the introduction of effective company policies and processes to ensure full satisfaction of the customer.

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ISO 50001

Nylon Knitting Limited has been ISO 50001 certified since November 2023. With this certification the Company demonstrates that it complies with the necessary requirements to create, start, maintain, and improve an Energy Management System. Energy consumption needs to be managed efficiently for continuous improvement. Therefore, a timely and systematic monitoring of energy use is crucial to obtain, in a short time, considerable savings as well as to actively contribute to the protection of energy resources globally.

Copy of the certificate can be requested to


Nylon Knitting Limited has been GRS certified since 2022. This certification establishes the requirements relating to corporate environmental management systems (EMS) and certifies their compliance, demonstrating the company’s commitment to reducing pollution risks and its desire to create a positive interaction with the environment.

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Nylon Knitting Limited has been Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified since 2023. This certification guarantees that fabrics and yarns do not contain any harmful substances for human health.

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Standard 100 for fabrics and yarns made from recycled yarns.

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